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  • Brian Richardson

Maximizing Every Pool Sale: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Value-Added Equipment

In today's competitive pool market, maximizing every sale is crucial for maintaining a successful business. Incorporating value-added equipment like ozone generators, UV systems, and Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems not only enhances the appeal of your pools but also significantly boosts your profit margins. UltraPure Water Quality LLC, a leader in the pool sanitation segment, offers top-tier solutions that can elevate your sales strategy. Here’s how to get the most out of every pool sale by including these advanced systems.

1. Educate Your Customers

Informative Content: Customers are more likely to invest in advanced systems if they understand their benefits. Use brochures, videos, and website content to explain how ozone generators, UV systems, and AOP systems work. Highlight their ability to reduce chemical use, provide cleaner and safer water, and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Demonstrations: Offer live demonstrations or video presentations to showcase the effectiveness of these systems. Seeing the technology in action can significantly influence a customer's decision. UltraPure Water Quality LLC is happy to provide demo units to interested pool builders and retail partners.

2. Highlight Health and Safety Benefits

Chemical-Free Swimming: Emphasize that ozone and UV systems, along with AOP systems, create a healthier swimming environment by minimizing the need for harsh chemicals. Explain how these systems reduce the presence of chloramines, which can cause skin and eye irritation.

Superior Sanitation: Detail the superior sanitation provided by these systems. For instance, UltraPure Water Quality LLC's solutions effectively eliminate most specialty chemicals such as scum line cleaners, clarifiers and shock while also greatly reducing the amount of chlorine needed and ensuring the highest water quality.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings

Reduced Chemical Costs: Explain to customers how investing in ozone, UV, and AOP systems can lead to significant savings on pool chemicals over time. Highlight the initial investment's long-term financial benefits.

Equipment Longevity: Discuss how these systems can extend the lifespan of pool equipment by preventing scale buildup and corrosion, leading to fewer repairs and replacements.

4. Utilize Visual Aids and Customer Testimonials

Visual Comparisons: Use infographics and comparison charts in your quotes and marketing materials to visually demonstrate the benefits of advanced sanitation systems over traditional methods.

Customer Testimonials: Share testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of using ozone, UV, and AOP systems. Real-life examples can be very persuasive.

5. Offer Bundled Packages

Value Packages: Create bundled packages that include the pool, ozone generator, UV system, and AOP system at a discounted rate. This approach not only increases the perceived value but also simplifies the buying decision for the customer.

Upgrade Options: Clearly list these systems as optional upgrades in your quotes, making it easy for customers to add them to their purchase.

6. Flexible Financing and Promotions

Special Financing Offers: Provide special financing options for customers purchasing pools with advanced sanitation systems. Highlight the affordability of these systems through manageable payment plans.

Seasonal Promotions: Run promotions and discounts during peak seasons to incentivize customers to include value-added equipment in their pool purchase.

7. Personalized Recommendations

Tailored Solutions: Personalize your sales pitch based on the customer's specific needs and concerns. If a customer is particularly concerned about chemical exposure, emphasize the health benefits of ozone and AOP systems.

Detailed Quotes: Ensure your quotes are detailed and transparent, clearly showing the additional cost and benefits of including these advanced systems.

8. Sales Team Training

Expert Knowledge: Train your sales team extensively on the technical aspects and benefits of ozone, UV, and AOP systems. A knowledgeable sales team can effectively address customer questions and concerns.

Effective Communication: Equip your sales team with skills to communicate the value of these systems clearly and persuasively.

9. Follow-Up Communication

Post-Quote Follow-Up: After providing a quote, follow up with a call or email to discuss the value-added options further and answer any lingering questions the customer might have.

Additional Resources: Send additional information or resources, such as articles or videos, to help the customer make an informed decision.


Maximizing every pool sale by including value-added equipment like ozone generators, UV systems, and AOP systems is a smart strategy for increasing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction. UltraPure Water Quality LLC, with its advanced sanitation solutions, sets the standard in this segment, providing top-tier products that can help you stand out in the competitive pool market. By educating customers, highlighting long-term benefits, and offering flexible financing, you can significantly boost your sales and provide customers with a superior swimming experience.

UltraPure Water Quality LLC continues to be a market leader and innovator in the recreational water quality since 1982. Please contact us at 877-281-7603 for more information and dealer support.

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