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About Us
How it all started
At the heart of water treatment, ozone and UV technologies find wide-ranging applications, from maintaining swimming pools and spas to purifying drinking water, managing cooling towers, treating sewage effluent, fostering aquaculture, supporting agriculture, and restoring lakes. Our focus lies squarely on enhancing the quality of swimming pool and spa water, leveraging our expertise in applying ozone and UV solutions effectively to these areas.

By concentrating our efforts within this industry, we deliver top-tier products tailored specifically for your pool and spa needs.

Continuous Innovation

We're dedicated to innovation, constantly refining our manufacturing techniques and product designs to stay ahead in the dynamic pool and spa marketplace. Our commitment to you is simple: we only bring to market products that have undergone rigorous testing and meet our exacting standards of quality, effectiveness, reliability, simplicity, ease of maintenance, serviceability, and durability.

Comprehensive Support

Our expertise extends beyond product development. We provide comprehensive training and support to distributors, OEMs, buying groups, and their dealers or members. We understand that successful sale and installation often require training, and we offer various educational resources to ensure your team is well-equipped. From hands-on training during the crucial first installation to immediate troubleshooting and personalized assistance, we're invested in your success.

Performance Guarantee

Our confidence in the performance of the BlueForce system is unwavering. We stand behind our products with a simple promise: if the BlueForce system doesn't live up to the performance claims outlined in our literature, we'll refund your money. This no-risk guarantee underscores our commitment to delivering results you can trust.


We've given you a glimpse into the strength of our company, our unwavering dedication to the BlueForce product line, and above all, our commitment to your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing UltraPure™.
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Our History

Welcome to UltraPure Water Quality! We're thrilled to have you join our growing network of distributors, buying groups, OEMs, and their dealers or members. As you explore our offerings, you'll discover why UltraPure™ BlueForce ozone generators and UV systems are the perfect complement to your backyard pool and spa. Our ozone generators and UV systems not only enhance your water quality but also provide a luxurious bathing experience reminiscent of bottled water.

About Us

UltraPure Water Quality LLC is a privately held Texas corporation headquartered in Katy, Texas. With independent sales representatives spread across the United States and Canada, we're well-positioned to serve your needs wherever you are.

Commitment to Quality

Rest assured, we've done our homework. Extensive research in photochemical ozone generation underpins our product designs and claims, backed by thorough scientific study and testing. We rely on both independent testing and in-house evaluations to ensure our products deliver accurate and consistent results every time.
About the Founder
Barry Nelson's journey into the world of water treatment began after graduating from the University of Guelph with an Honors Degree in Science and a focus on Microbiology. He embarked on a career with General Foods (now part of Kraft Foods/Reynolds) in 1967, where he swiftly climbed the ranks from Production Foreman to roles in Packaging, Process Engineering, Purchasing, and Marketing over nine years.

In 1977, Barry transitioned into the realm of marketing research consulting, co-founding a company that pioneered the integration of left-brain (verbal) and right-brain (non-verbal) information in advertising and promotions. Their innovative approach garnered attention from major corporations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Parallel to his consulting endeavors, Barry and his associates introduced Photozone, utilizing photochemical and ultraviolet (UV) ozone generators, into the Canadian market for commercial pools. Recognizing the potential of this technology, Barry shifted gears in 1982, founding Photozone Inc., which later evolved into Water Quality Management and ultimately UltraPure Water Quality Inc. (UWQ). With the establishment of a US presence, UltraPure Water Quality LLC emerged.

Innovation and Leadership

UltraPure Water Quality quickly established itself as a leader in product innovation and effective marketing. In 1987, the company pioneered the suction side injection method for swimming pools, a technique that was nationally rolled out in 1993. This method, known for its efficiency and compatibility with in-floor cleaning systems, utilizes the swimming pool filter as a reaction vessel, simultaneously cleaning and degreasing the filter.

In the mid-90s, UltraPure introduced the Menu Management Approach to Pool (and Spa) Water Sanitation. This innovative approach categorizes sanitation into Residual, Disinfection, and Oxidation, with ozone supplying the oxidation power and chlorine addressing the other two aspects. Continuing its streak of innovation, UltraPure developed an Ozone Detection Tube for Spa Ozone generators in the late 90s, tapping into the replacement spa unit market.

Transition and Future Outlook

In February 2018, UltraPure Water Quality underwent a transition in ownership when long-time senior managers Brian and Nancy Richardson acquired the company. With over 45 years of combined industry experience, their dedication to quality and innovation ensures that UltraPure remains at the forefront of the pool and spa industry.

Moving forward, UltraPure is committed to serving both existing and new customers with the most reliable products available in the industry. The company's dedication to North American manufacturing remains a cornerstone of its competitive advantage.

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