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Separate yourself from your competitors and be a hero to your customers by offering them the idea of clean and healthy water for their swimming pool and spa with less chemicals.

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Improving Your Pool & Spa Experience Since 1982


We at UltraPure™ believe in a promise of clean water for humanity. We believe that the water in a pool or spa is the most important part of the experience. Everyone deserves to enjoy the water in their pool or spa. With a BlueForce O3 Ozone generator and a BlueForce UV system, the idea of fresh, clean, pure water is a reality.
We have committed ourselves to perfecting the technology of Ozone generation and the art of water sanitation for close to 40 years. The result of this is the most dependable and effective Ozone generators and UV systems on the market.
For clean, healthy water, for the enjoyment of the entire pool and spa experience, it has to be UltraPure™.

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