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Ozone and UV have applications in many areas of water treatment, such as swimming pools and spas, as well as drinking water, cooling towers, sewage effluent, aquaculture, agriculture and lake restoration. We have chosen to focus our efforts on the large and well organized swimming pool and spa water applications. We have the ability to apply Ozone and UV to these areas, and do so in an effective way. With our attention focused solely in one industry, we provide you with the best possible products for applications in your pool and spa.

We are constantly developing and testing new manufacturing techniques and product designs to adapt to the changing pool and spa marketplace. Our pledge to you is that we only market thoroughly tested products. Once a new product meets or exceeds our high standards (of quality, effectiveness, reliability, simplicity, ease of maintenance, serviceability and durability), we offer it to you.

We also use our knowledge of the UltraPure™ BlueForce O3 Ozone generator and BlueForce UV in training distributors, O.E.M.’s, buying groups, and their dealers or members. We understand that the sale and installation of the our products may require training and support. We offer training and education in many forms. We will work directly with O.E.M.’s, distributors, buying group members and dealers at the all important first installation. The training is hands-on, personal and up close; questions are answered on the spot and difficulties are overcome immediately. Our future success is dependent on getting your first unit installed and operating correctly so that you can experience the benefits of our products yourself.

The performance guarantee stated simply, the BlueForce system will live up to the performance claims that we make in our literature, or we will refund your money. Our research and depth of knowledge about our products give us the confidence to offer this no risk guarantee to you.

This introduction was to give you a feeling for the strength of our company; our dedication to the BlueForce line of products and especially our commitment to you.


Again, thank you for choosing UltraPure™


All of us at UltraPure Water Quality would like to welcome you to our expanding network of distributors, buying groups, O.E.M.’s and their dealers or members. As you read through you will see why UltraPure™ BlueForce ozone generators and UV systems are a wise addition to your backyard pool and spa. Our Ozone generators and UV systems pay for themselves while delivering a bottled-water-like bathing experience.


UltraPure Water Quality LLC is a privately held, Texas Corporation, located in Houston, Texas. Sales representatives are located throughout the United States and Canada.

You can be assured that we have done our homework. We have done extensive research in the area of photochemical Ozone generation. Our product designs and claims have a solid foundation, supported by scientific study and testing. Independent testing and our own tests are used to ensure accurate and repeatable results.


Barry Nelson graduated from University of Guelph with an Honors Degree in Science and a major in Microbiology and joined General Foods (now part of Kraft Foods/Reynolds) in 1967. In nine years his career path was Production Foreman, Packaging Foreman, Process Engineering, Purchasing and Marketing. In 1977, as a partner in a marketing research consulting company he and associates developed and applied a method to use left brain (verbal) and right brain (non-verbal) information in advertising and promotions. Studies were designed, conducted and reported to major corporations in the US, Canada and Europe.

Also in 1977, they introduced Photozone (photochemical/Ultra Violet (UV) Ozone generators) into Canada for commercial pools. By 1982, Barry became disenchanted with consulting (as most research is not used) and realized Photozone had great potential. It was time for a change to a more hands on business. He raised capital and started Photozone Inc., of Canada, which evolved into Water Quality Management and then to UltraPure Water Quality Inc. (UWQ) and finally, with the formation of our US location, UltraPure Water Quality, LLC. We manufacture and sell BlueForce O3 ozone generators and BlueForce UV systems for water treatment.

UltraPure Water Quality are market leaders in product innovation and straight forward marketing and sales presentations. In 1987 we pioneered the suction side injection method for swimming pools and rolled it nationally in 1993. Our suction side method of injecting Ozone is very efficient and works with in floor cleaning systems.

In the mid 90’s we introduced the Menu Management Approach to Pool (and Spa) Water Sanitation. Our Menu defines sanitation as Residual, Disinfection and Oxidation, with Ozone supplying the Oxidation-power and Chlorine fulfilling the other two aspects. Our latest innovation is an Ozone Detection Tube for Spa Ozone generators, which has opened up the untapped replacement Spa unit market.

In February 2018, UltraPure Water Quality was purchased by long term managers, Brian and Nancy Richardson. With a combined 40+ years industry experience, their commitment to quality and innovation will ensure that UltraPure remains a market leader in the pool and spa industry.

We look forward to serving customers, both old and new with the most reliable products available in the industry. Our commitment to North American manufacturing has always been, and will continue to be our competitive advantage.

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