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The purest water you will swim in!
Improving Your Pool & Spa Experience Since 1982
We at UltraPure believe in a
promise of clean water for humanity.
We believe that the water in a pool or spa is the most important part of the experience. Everyone deserves to enjoy the water in their pool or spa. With an UltraPure™ Ozone generator, the idea of fresh, clean, pure water is a reality. We have committed ourselves to perfecting the technology of Ozone generation and the art of water sanitation for over 40 years. The result of this is the most dependable and effective Ozone generators on the market. For clean, healthy water, for the enjoyment of the entire pool and spa experience, it has to be UltraPure™.
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How it Works
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When the pool pump is on, ambient air containing oxygen (O2) is drawn across our exclusively designed Ultra Violet lamps. 
The UltraViolet emission breaks the oxygen molecules into individual oxygen atoms. These atoms combine with other oxygen molecules to form Ozone (O3).
The ozonated air is pulled into the pool water on the suction side of the pump as it operates.
The impeller creates small bubbles and the Ozone is pressurized into the water in the pipe between the pump and the filter. The filter acts as a reaction vessel in which the Ozone breaks down organic compounds (lotions, oils, cosmetics, etc.) and alters ammonia compounds (urine and perspiration) making them unable to combine with and use up Chlorine.
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Since the only element added by the Ozone generator is oxygen,
No obnoxious compounds (like chloramines) are created, and many by-products simply ‘gas off’.
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The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ produces the strongest oxidizer available (ozone)
The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ does the oxidation work normally attempted by chlorine/bromine. Obnoxious combined chlorine/bromine compounds are eliminated. Chlorine/bromine then only provides a "free available" residual. All problems and wasted chemicals associated with combined chlorine/bromine are eliminated. The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ continually burns out contaminants introduced by swimmers. This function is no longer fulfilled by chlorine/ bromine. There is no replacement for chlorine/bromine in pool water disinfection. For any alternative treatment/sanitizer to replace chlorine/bromine, it must: provide a stable measurable residual; be a biocide that kills viruses, bacteria and algae; and oxidize impurities introduced by bathers. Chlorine/Bromine is the only sanitizer that fulfills these three functions. However chlorine/bromine is not the best oxidizer. Incomplete oxidation accounts for up to 70% of their usage and 100% of their problems.
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