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Ozone generators for swimming pools


There is no replacement for chlorine/bromine in pool water disinfection. For any alternative treatment/sanitizer to replace chlorine/bromine, it must:

  • provide a stable measurable residual;

  • be a biocide that kills viruses, bacteria and algae; and

  • oxidize impurities introduced by bathers.

Chlorine/Bromine is the only sanitizer that fulfills these three functions. However chlorine/bromine is not the best oxidizer. Incomplete oxidation accounts for up to 70% of their usage and 100% of their problems.

The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ produces the strongest oxidizer available (ozone). The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ does the oxidation work normally attempted by chlorine/bromine. Obnoxious combined chlorine/bromine compounds are eliminated. Chlorine/bromine then only provides a "free available" residual. All problems and wasted chemicals associated with combined chlorine/bromine are eliminated. The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ continually burns out contaminants introduced by swimmers. This function is no longer fulfilled by chlorine/bromine.


Pool Unit models

*some models shown with optional lamp life timer



Pool Size: up to 20,000 gallons

Available in 120V or 240V (1 amp)

Size: 17" x 7" x 3.5"

Weight: 6 pounds

Ozone Output: 56.5 mg/hr

Warranty: 2 years


Pool Size: up to 40,000 gallons

Universal Voltage (100-277V), (1 amp)

Size: 17" x 7" x 3.5"

Weight: 8 pounds

Ozone Output: 146 mg/hr

Warranty: 2 years


Pool Size: up to 85,000 gallons

Universal Voltage (100-277V)

Size: 17" x 7" x 3.5"

Weight: 6 pounds

Ozone Output: 550 mg/hr

Warranty: 2 years


Ultra Violet

Our BlueForce UV system is available for swimming pools up to 40,000 gallons. Our BlueForce UV system is designed to be easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain. Lamp changes are a simple process that will only take a couple of minutes with a simple wrench, that’s it! Our BlueForce UV systems also come with a remote, wall mounted power supply for peace of mind. A standard, integrated lamp life timer with an easy to read numeric display, as well as an audible reminder when the UV lamp is nearing its end of life cycle will ensure that your system is operating properly at all times. Simple, effective design and easy maintenance make the BlueForce line of products your best choice!


For the best of both worlds, combine both the BlueForce O3 and the BlueForce UV to get BlueForce AOP. Combining the Ozone generator and Ultraviolet system creates Hydroxyl Radicals or AOP. This combination “supercharges” the process, leaving you with unparalleled water quality. Our BlueForce AOP systems include full sized Ozone and UV systems, not just a UV system combined with a tiny ozone generator. This not only ensures that the systems are properly sized, but it also ensures that both you and your customer get a system that works as it should!


Pool Installation

There are two ways that your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ can be plumbed into your system:

Retrofit Installation into the Strainer Basket Drain Plug (Hair and Lint Trap):

Remove the drain plug and screw in (hand tighten) our 1 1/2 lb. Compression Check Valve; apply Teflon tape on the check valve for a secure fit. The straight compression fitting and reducing coupling is not required for this method. Connect the 3/8” OD PVC tubing to the compression check valve and run the tubing back to the Dial Flowmeter on your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™.

Builder Standpipe Installation (Pre-installed ¾” Pipe):

While the pool is being built or during renovation work, it can be made (Ozone) ready. With this installation, a suction side standpipe runs from below water level on a suction line, back to a convenient location on the equipment pad. This will stop the pump from draining down when shut off. Since the ¾” line originates from below water level, there is no possibility of losing prime because there is a water lock below grade. The 1 1/2 lb. Compression Check Valve is NOT required and should NOT be used with this method.


UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaners™ are best mounted horizontally, with the label oriented correctly. Our units are designed for use under suction only. Each unit comes equipped with a Dial Flowmeter Suction Side Parts Package (DFSSPP) for installation.

Dial Flowmeter Suction Side Parts Package (DFSSPP)

DFSSPP 2013.jpg

External Safety Air Bleed Kit (ESABK)

External Safety Air Bleed Kit (ESABK) (Part number 1008028 Available separately) is recommended for pools with solar heating and/or in-floor cleaning. This kit allows air drawn in on the suction side of the pump to be taken off the top of the filter and injected into the water return line at a desired point. This kit is necessary when: the filter is old and does not have an internal bleed; there is a solar system on the pool; there is a pressure side cleaner; or with a booster pump.

Setting The Ozone Draw:

Using the Dial Flowmeter, the airflow is set by simply adjusting the dial on the gauge until the float is between 1/3 to 1/2 way to the top. Make sure that the Dial Flowmeter is in a straight vertical position. Turn the dial all the way to the right (clockwise) to close it. The flow can be set and re-adjusted with ease. No special parts, tools or procedures are required.

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